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The Best Caribbean Sailing Charters, From the Experts

If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable sailing charter to the Caribbean, look no further than the experts here at Sail Oasis. We specialize in the Windward islands of the Caribbean – and only the Windward islands. Because of this, you can be assured we know all the best spots and charter routes, to help give you an experience like no other company can provide. We mix the knowledge and authenticity of a local company, with the service of a big company. Set away with Sail Oasis.  

Why Sail with Us?

  • We’re dedicated to the island of St. Lucia and other Windward Islands, and so know all the best itineraries and local spots to visit.
  • We’ve been in the business for over 25 years.
  • We offer a very diverse suite of charter types to different islands, from catamarans to monohulls, from Martinique to Grenada, from a recommended itinerary to a completely custom itinerary..

Where will your Sail Oasis be?



Experience the majestic splendor of St. Lucia in the best way possible – from the sea! From the Pigeon Island Fort to the north, down to the towering twin peaks of the Pitons, the beauty is yours to behold.


Martinique features an incredibly rich culture of French and Caribbean, and as you can imagine, the cuisine is delectable. Martinique features beautiful sandy beaches, a unique and friendly Euro-Caribbean atmosphere, great shopping, and impeccable restaurants. We’ll bring you to all the island’s best spots, whether straight into the action or off the beaten path.


“The jewels of the Caribbean” – the Grenadines are like nothing you’ve ever experienced – hundreds of secluded, often uninhabited islands speckled down an island chain that makes its way from St. Vincent down to Grenada. The waters are crystaline blue, with plenty of local villages and gorgeous beaches to visit.


Catamarans are quickly becoming the most popular choice for sailing charters, offering more space and less sway than a typical monohull yacht. If you’re looking for this type of sailing experience, we offer some wonderful catamarans, equipped with their own trusted and experienced skippers to see you along the way.

Sail by the Cabin

Want to take part in a sailing charter but don’t want to rent a yacht all to yourself? Not a problem! We offer a new type of sailing package called ‘Sail by the Cabin’, where you can reserve a room aboard one of our yachts for your dates, wherein we’ll then try to fill the other rooms. If enough rooms are filled, the ship sails! It’s a great and cost-effective way to experience sailing and meet some new friends!
Want The Experience of Sailing without The Price of a Private Charter?

See Our New ‘ Sail by the Cabin Charters’

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